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Writing with Potty Humor

July 13, 2011

My seven-year-old son just came downstairs on his own accord at 6:50AM on a summer weekday morning.  This is our VBS week at our church, so I’ve been struggling to wake my kids up at 7:30 in order to get dressed, eat breakfast and be there on time.

Nonetheless, he just came down and whispered to me, “I want to write another story for my comic book, but this time upstairs at my desk in my room.  I’m just looking for a pencil.”

Be still, my beating heart!  My son loves writing!  Granted, his inspiration came from devouring the Captain Underpants book series that Mrs. Claus gave him for Christmas.  Yes, all of his stories include the words, “pee pee,” “diaper-baby,” “wedgie,” or other potty humor favorites, but I am just happy he’s writing.

I have dittos and workbooks for the kids for their summer “enjoyment,” trying to prevent the summer slide.  But they are all sitting in a drawer, untouched, since the comic book craze is here.  My thinking is that this kid, who struggles with his handwriting, and complains when there are more than seven sentences to write for school homework, is voluntarily writing every single day in his comic book.

Yesterday, I told my boys they couldn’t play the Wii while their sister took her nap because they hadn’t cleaned up the legos off the floor of the playroom.  After a half hour of pseudo cleaning/playing, my oldest came into me and asked, “Can I write more stories for my comic book now since I cleaned up most of the legos?”

I tried to keep my serious Mom face on while I checked the playroom floor.  “I suppose you can do some more writing since there’s one clear spot on the floor.”  Meanwhile, inside I was doing cartwheels over his new outlook on writing.  Not only does he want to write all the time, but it’s a privilege worthy of cleaning for him.  YES!!

His stories probably won’t win any Newberry Awards, or even teacher accolades, but they are making me proud.  Each time he finishes one, he runs in to read it to me and show me his illustrations.  He not only loves the process, but he takes his time and shares them with pride.  Seeing his joy just fuels my own.

If any of you have elementary school-aged sons, just send them over for story time.  Potty humor IS allowed in our house now…as long as it’s written down.

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