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Thank you, VBS

July 15, 2011

My kids didn’t go to bed until 9:00PM tonight.  Partially, it was because they were playing so nicely outside with their water guns and sidewalk chalk.  But when I ushered them inside around 8:30 as the sun was setting, my 5-year-old asked if he could read us some of his stories.

Thinking he wanted to read his potty-humor comic book that he wrote, I went inside and tried to help him find it.  Then he made it clear that he was looking for his student journal from this week at Vacation Bible School.  His older brother just read his comic book to his little sister, so now he wanted his turn to read something to everyone, too.

I brought them all inside, got them into their jammies, brushed their teeth and washed their faces.  Then “the brothers” helped tuck Allie into bed and we all settled in for story time by Scottie.  Scottie brought his “Scott” stool in from his room and sat in the center of the room.  Robbie curled up on the queen-sized guest bed, and I leaned against Allie’s bed, ready to listen.

Scottie took out his five dittos, telling the stories of the lessons we all learned this week at VBS.  Each day answered a big question:  “Who is Jesus?”  “Why can I trust Jesus?” “Why do I need Jesus?” “How can Jesus help me when I mess up?” and “What does Jesus want me to do?”

In his proudest, 5-year-old, heading into Kindergarten voice, he read out loud to all of us, the stories he learned in VBS this week.  I swelled with pride while watching and listening to him read.  I would have been proud if he had chosen to read his potty humor comic book to all of us.  But the fact that he WANTED to read the bible stories from his week at VBS simply made me burst.

I wish I could say that I was a great example of the “good Christian” who faithfully attends church every week and exemplifies the Bible’s teachings.  I can’t do that, though.  We miss church more Sundays than we make it and my one week per year of teaching VBS is about all of the bible study I get.  But my heart is full at the end of this week every year.  And, even though I lack in so many ways throughout the year, the VBS team at our church makes my kids and me feel like a welcome part of the family.

I couldn’t be prouder of my Scottie tonight.  It’s these moments that remind me how much direction and reassurance they do need.  It makes me grateful that my mom encouraged me to stick with it through Sunday School, confirmation, youth groups, choirs, etc. as I was growing up.  And it reminds me that being a good parent is more than just laundry, meals, and sports.

Once again, I am so glad I felt “guilted” into volunteering again this year.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget how bedtime tonight warmed my heart and filled my soul.  It’s been a great week.

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