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Meet Anne: The ‘Mommy Actress Next Door’ Apron Girl (via Thrifty Vintage Chic)

July 21, 2011

I absolutely ADORE this article! I can attest to the fact that Anne, who I’m so lucky to call my sister, does really wear all of these aprons and looks fabulous doing it. She has such a great sense of style that she even makes aprons look good! I love her for this and so many more reasons. But you must read to see some of her amazing vintage apron collection!

Meet Anne: The 'Mommy Actress Next Door' Apron Girl Anne is my neighbor … and a fellow ginger, but also the source of inspiration behind this series on vintage aprons. Here's why! {Meet Anne: The 'Mommy Actress Next Door' Apron Girl} Stuffed full of colors, prints and frills, Anne's literally had a party in her bag! As for me, I showed up at my son's first grade last day of school ice cream party — just happy to be walking because I had just completed Day 4 of the Navy SEAL PT course {read: my … Read More

via Thrifty Vintage Chic

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