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The Silver Lining

July 21, 2011

We’re buying a beach house.  There.  I printed it and therefore have jinxed it.  Can’t jinx it much more than it already is because the sellers keep pushing and pushing the closing date later and later.

I know we’re fortunate.  I know we are so super lucky that I have lost all perspective and don’t deserve the right to have anyone read this rant.

I try not to hate people.  I have a few I strongly dislike, but I try not to hate.  I’m coming very close to hating, folks.

I just spent the better part of the past week emailing Attorney, Loan Guy, and Realtor back and forth and back and forth.  While three kids scream louder and louder each time they see the phone on my ear.

Realtor tells me to call Attorney.  Attorney tells me to call Realtor.  Realtor says Attorney used to be town solicitor and should do x, y, z on his own.  Loan Guy refers me back to two documents that should be identical, but have a $3000+ discrepancy.  I call Loan Guy, but get his voicemail.  I call Realtor and Attorney two more times.  Loan Guy calls me back when I’m on the phone with the other two.  I call Loan Guy back and he’s gone for the day.

I can feel steam coming out of my ears from the frustration.

The silver lining of the day?  My daughter must have gotten her fill of the bullshit, too.  She finally pooped on the potty.

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