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July 23, 2011

This conversation took place a few minutes ago in our living room.

Daddy: Hey boys, come here!  Who do you think is braver — you guys or a baby duckling?

Boys:  We are!!

Daddy:  Even when trying to ride your bikes and learn to swim in the deep end?

Boys: (less enthusiastically) Yes, we are!!

Daddy:  I want you to see this.

Daddy:  So boys, the next time Mommy and Daddy try to get you to ride your bikes not too far off the ground, or encourage you to keep trying to tread water a little longer in the deep end of the pool, I want you to think of this video.  At least we’re not asking you to belly flop from the top of a tree.

Thanks for the lesson in bravery and encouragement, Discovery Channel.

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