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Tulip Twins (aka “Fourlips”)

April 16, 2012



I actually managed to triumph over the deer population this year and my tulips look amazing.  Nothing is as rewarding as watching spring bloom from the work done two seasons ago.


My Crocuses sprouted first, followed by my Hyacinths, then my Daffodils, and now my Tulips.  Yes, they are all my spring children, hence the capital letters.  My daughter’s cheery cherry tree is full of pink blossoms and our azaleas are starting to peek out from their bulbs, as well.

I truly love the colors of this season.

But perhaps the most amazing sprout in my flower beds is my Tulip Twin.  Or, as my husband has named her, our Fourlip bloom.



This is one single tulip bulb, which grew as one single tulip stalk.  But, wonder of all wonders, the head split into two buds!



She has held onto both of her heads as she opens into full bloom, too.  If only I knew the secrets of plant cloning, I could make millions.  I lament that I cannot give her any children of her own, though.  With two heads, just think what a super mom she would be!


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  1. April 17, 2012 7:43 PM

    I love tulips, we are still waiting in Sweden…

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