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June 15, 2012

I recently reviewed our local playground, which went under renovation by the county over the past few months.  My review was featured on  Check it out!

The Loop Playground in the Watchung Reservation, Mountainside, NJ

The Loop Playground is tucked inside the Watchung Reservation in Mountainside, NJ. They recently tore down the all-wood playground equipment and replaced them with newer all-weather climbing structures. Since this is such a beautiful, natural park, I was skeptical that anything but wood would look right and that this playground may lose that natural feel we had grown to love. I am so happy to say that I was wrong. This new playground, while built with the metal and plastic structures that will hold up to weather, still manages to feel natural and fits in with the lush green surrounding landscape.

Two new climbing structures have been erected, both featuring towers, tunnels and caves, all made to look as natural as possible. The larger side of the playground is ideal for older children and features five different slides, one of which may be the tallest, steepest slide in the area. The oldest kids will get a thrill out of zooming down this one. Lots to climb here, too, including two heavy-duty rope walls and a fantastic, tall, rock wall formation. Six big kid swings hang along the back side of this section. A full row of Tunnels, caves, bouncy bridges, ladders, lookouts, drums and steering wheels make this a playground dream.

Across the picnic area patio is the younger set of playground equipment, great for smaller children. This structure mirrors the natural finishes and its tallest tower even features a “carved” tree trunk with woodland friends like a fake owl and squirrel for the kids to examine. Wider slides and bridges over here are great for parents who need to stay close to the little ones as they play. This side also has a full row of baby/toddler swings for the little ones, too.

Read the rest of the review, plus lots of pictures, at:

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