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Jersey Shore Pirates Earn Top Rank

September 3, 2012

At the end of our two week vacation down the shore, my husband and I polled our kids.

“What were your top three things we did on vacation?”

For all three of my kids, “PIRATES!!!” was firm in their top rankings.

We took one day of vacation to meet up with friends in Brick, NJ and set sail on The Sea Gypsy II with the Jersey Shore Pirates. Since our Beach Tuesday crew consisted of 21 kids and their chauffeurs parents, my girlfriend had to call ahead to book our group of 30 for the 5:00PM cruise.

When we arrived, the kids dug through the pirate chest and chose cool vests and belts to wear for the cruise.  Once dressed up, they met two pirates who “tattooed” them with skulls and crossbones, mermaids and anchors.

Next, the crew gathered all “mates” and trained them in the pirate ways.  The kids all shouted “ARGH!!” and “Aye-Aye!” on cue as they learned how to be true, scurvy pirates. Our captain, Smee, gathered the crew of kids and adults and helped us board the Sea Gypsy II.  As soon as he and his first mate, Sinker, took the lead, they were 100% in charge.

Let me repeat that.  THEY were in charge.  NOT the parents.

This was such a treat for us.  We all got to sit at the rear of the ship, just watching our kids have the time of their lives.  The kids were engaged and entertained.  It was such a gift to take part in something like this that allowed us to witness their joy without having to be the ones directing the action.

As we set sail from the dock into the heart of the river, the kids practiced their pirate lingo while learning the rules of the ship in a fun way.  The captain had them do pirate push-ups to prove their strength, and practice how to move around the ship on their sea legs.

Sinker taught them all that they could wander around the ship as they pleased, but when they heard, “All hands on deck!!” they had to immediately report to their seats at the bow of the ship.  When one of our friend’s daughters heard the call, she immediately dropped to her knees and slapped her palms down on the deck of the ship.  We all laughed at her literal interpretation, but agreed that “All hands in bed!!!!” would be tested at home with hopes of equal success.

With a fully-trained crew, it was time to get to pirate business.  The main action during our cruise was to locate the sunken treasure and battle Pirate Pete for the keys to the chest.  There were many opportunities for the crew to take part in seek and find activities including hunts aboard ship and lookouts on the water.

The hands-down favorite, though, was manning the water canons for their battle with Pirate Pete.  Along both sides of the ship, were kid-height “canons” waiting for action.  The children teamed up two per canon to aim and fire streams of water at Pirate Pete’s boat in the water.  The captain maneuvered around to allow both sides of the ship a turn at soaking our nemesis.

Once we beat him, he surrendered his keys to the treasure chest and we raised it from the watery depths.  Inside the treasure chest was enough loot for each crew member to scoop a handful into a goodie bag to take home.  After sharing the loot and enjoying a grog party (juice pulled up from a bottle in the water), the kids and adults got to enjoy the short sail home to the dock while being regaled by the witty banter between captain and first mate.

The adults were laughing hysterically at the one-liners dropped by our captain.  To be able to entertain that many children, while engaging the adults with quick-witted commentary is a skill to be valued.

By the end of our ninety-minute cruise, we felt incredibly thrilled to be a part of such a great adventure.  Our kids were happy and tired, which all parents agreed was the best combination.  Their last antics before disembarking the ship had them all too pooped to leave the ship.

This was the most fun family activity we have ever done.  Being able to sit back and watch our kids having a blast without needing to organize or choreograph any of it put it over the top.

The entertainment value of the staff coupled with their finesse in dealing with so many children was a wonder to witness.  And, the fact that we had a beautiful night to sail on a gorgeous ship was the icing on the cake.

Thank you, Jersey Shore Pirates, for an incredible activity to share with our children and friends.  You gave us memories we will treasure forever!



Note:  This review was not solicited in any way, shape, or form.  I was paid nothing in currency, freebies, or services for writing this post.  I simply enjoyed it so much, that I had to share it with my readers to encourage them to experience the fun for themselves.  If Jersey Shore Pirates gets any increased traffic or business from this post, I’m glad for it.  They deserve it!!


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