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Prepping for Hurricane Sandy, Expecting Worst Storm in NJ History

October 28, 2012

This is real, folks. For all of us who may have been hoping that this was a false alarm, or that the storm would veer out to sea, it’s now apparent that it is real, it’s almost here, and it’s going to be very bad.

Last year, the October snowstorm left us without power for 7 days with schools closed and roads blocked. This year, the snow is still a variable, but the wind and floods are the major concerns.

In our tiny little town of New Providence, many residents have new generators fueled up and ready to go to save the refrigerator, furnace and a few other choice appliances. But, even those lucky enough to get their hands on a generator faced an unexpected problem. A shortage of gas cans. While not all gas stations remain open with fuel to sell, the ones that have been restocked can sell the gas, but there is a wait list for gas cans to hold it.

One local gas station had lines in two directions, holding up traffic both ways, bringing back memories of gas lines in the 1970’s.

The usual run on batteries, water, and flashlights bared shelves in all local stores as early as Friday, yet traffic is still heavy today with people clogging roadways, trying to find a few last items before being housebound for as long as the storm and recovery will last.

For my family, we’ve filled up both cars, tried to secure everything that might become a flying projectile, and set up a basement slumber party to keep our kids out of their top floor bedrooms.

Further south and east, along the Jersey Shore, the forecast is much more dire. In our shore town of Ocean Grove, they are predicting the worst storm in history. As reported by Blogfinger,

Neptune Township officials said Sunday that Hurricane Sandy will be catastrophic.

“I expect the complete destruction of the pier, the pavilion, the boardwalk, everything,” said Rick Cuttrell, the township clerk, who also serves as Neptune’s in-house meteorologist.

“This storm is worse than any storm on record in New Jersey,” Michael Bascom, Neptune’s coordinator of emergency management, added.

My husband secured our house in Ocean Grove yesterday, but we’re worried about flooding and wind damage, along with all other residents. After our excitement over having a shore house only 2 blocks from the beach for the first time this summer, now we find ourselves wishing we were further from the ocean.

The fishing pier in Ocean Grove, NJ

One report predicts storm surges of 11.5 feet at high tide on Monday evening, and that’s before waves are even factored in. Our little fishing pier is a landmark for those of us who love Ocean Grove. It’s the backdrop for some of my favorite photos of my kids. Now, we wait with bated breath, wondering if it will be there after Sandy clears out.

For all of our neighbors, in both New Providence and Ocean Grove (as well as friends and family in other towns in Sandy’s path), we wish you well. Here’s hoping all houses stay dry, all cars remain damage-free, all power stays on, and all people stay safe.

Until the next update…

Updated at 6:20PM Sunday to include…

All local New Providence schools have been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday, as well as most other school districts in Morris and Union Counties.

NJ Transit and PATH trains will suspend service as of 7PM tonight.

World Financial in downtown Manhattan will be closed Monday.

Updated Monday. 12:58PM

Power is out at our New Providence house.

Updated Monday, 2:04PM

Power restored in New Providence.

Updated Monday, 9:54PM

New Providence
Loud crash in backyard took out cable and Internet around 6:30.

Second, louder crash around 7:45PM brought down another branch, ripping siding and power lines off the side of our house. Subsequent crashes heard, but too dark to tell what came down where in pitch black. House is intact.

Screaming trees and howling winds are very scary. Power is out throughout our town. Hoping the worst is happening right now and will be over quickly.

Ocean Grove

Unconfirmed, but read on multiple Facebook posts that the fishing pier is gone, the boardwalk is gone, and that rocks from the jetty are on Ocean Ave.

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  1. The Dose of Reality permalink
    October 28, 2012 3:29 PM

    It sounds like a nightmare honestly! I am so sorry y’all are facing this! Thinking of you! 🙂

  2. October 29, 2012 12:55 PM

    The fishing pier has been the back drop for most of our family photos while in Ocean Grove too. It would make us so sad to see it swept away.

  3. October 30, 2012 10:43 AM

    Checking in on you. Hoping everyone is safe.

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