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13 Signs Your Children Are Rubbing Off On You

December 7, 2012

I used to think that when I reached my mid-thirties, that would automatically put me in the “Grown Up” stage of life.  But after eight-plus years of parenthood, I find myself regressing more and more in the opposite direction.

What I once thought was just a Dad thing is now taking over my own personality as well.  This phenomenon is not gender-specific. I’m no longer the practical, sensible woman and mom I once was.  I’m becoming more and more like my crazy, silly, and sometimes gross, kids.

So beware, fellow parents.  Their influence is strong.  If you fear this is happening to you, here are some signs that you are losing the battle of maturity.

13 Signs Your Children Are Rubbing Off On You

  1. When you say something witty at the dinner table, you turn to your husband with, “That was so funny!  I was like…” even though he was right there and just heard the original delivery.
  2. gangnam style stableYou blast the volume and sing along to the whole song of Gangnam Style, even though you can’t speak a word of Korean.  (You sure can belt out the, “Hey, sexy lady!” line, though.)
  3. When singing Christmas carols, “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg” comes to mind more easily than the real lyrics.
  4. You start calling your mommy friends, “Dude,” while chatting on the playground.
  5. You do the hair flip when you hear One Direction’s, “What Makes You Beautiful.”
  6. Instead of cursing when you drop something in the kitchen, you deliver a whiny, “Aw, MAN!!” exactly like your 8 year old.
  7. You can recognize different brands of chicken nuggets by taste.
  8. You have “Sexy and I Know It” on your workout playlist.
  9. You find yourself talking to your Elf on the Shelf when no kids are home.
  10. The cabinet filled with Goldfish, Smartfood, and Oreos is opened more frequently by you than any other family member.
  11. You look forward to ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas more than anyone in the house.
  12. laughing king pigWhen searching for Cub Scout skits, you laugh hardest at the ones with the biggest gross-out factor.
  13. You hate that smirking King Pig with a passion and want to see him crushed by a 2 x 4.

The good news is that occasionally acting like a child will keep you feeling young at heart and light of spirit.  The bad news, though, is that your new-found immaturity does nothing to counteract wrinkles or speed up your metabolic rate.


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