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The Difference Between Boy and Girl Playdates

March 9, 2013

I have two boys and one girl.  After many years of playdates, I’ve discovered quite a few differences between the two.

Boys play outside with minimal supervision.

Girls play organized activities after arguments have been settled.  (It’s better to have ideas lined up ahead of time.)lego pile

Boys play upstairs with Legos with minimal supervision.

Girls will do a craft under careful watch, if all materials have been equally distributed.

Boys play video games with minimal supervision.

Girls play board games with a referee.

Boys run around the house with reckless abandon, using their imaginations and going with the flow like professional improv actors.

Girls play dress-up as long as they do not wish to be the same princess, or if there are two matching costumes.

Boys are loud.

Girls chatter nonstop.

tea set

Boys love potty humor and fart jokes.

Girls love to speak with fancy accents during tea parties and make-believe.

You may need to intervene once in a while with wrestling boys or they will unknowingly beat each other to a pulp.

You will need to intervene often with girls as they all fight to be the boss, and none want to be bossed.

Boys will yell and scream one moment, then get over it as they transition to the next game.

Girls will passively-aggressively argue, bringing each other to tears as the drama ratchets.

Boys will need to be dragged away from activities to have a snack, after which time they will inhale a feast and leave a mess.

Girls will help prepare a feast, eating a taste of each, leaving a full plate. (I suggest baking as long as there are two eggs to crack.)

Boy playdates will make your head spin, happy for their fun, but grateful for a glass of wine when they are over.

Girl playdates will stress you out, grateful for the fact that they still like each other, but even more grateful for a strong drink.





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  1. April 5, 2013 1:58 PM

    So funny.. I have an 8 year old girl and you really hit the nail on the head! SO MANY ARGUMENTS!!

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