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A Parent’s Grief

September 10, 2013

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I have written too much about death and grieving parents.

After a fitful night of little to no sleep, I woke up wondering how a parent ever sleeps again after losing a child.  It just shouldn’t be allowed to happen.  I’m feeling very pessimistic and sad and defeated today.

Brooke, this amazing little 5-year-old girl who gave our entire community so much hope and belief in miracles, lost her battle with a DIPG brain tumor and earned her angel’s wings yesterday.

Once again, I simply can’t fathom how life is allowed to carry on after something like this.  I am dumbfounded over how this happens and keeps happening to wonderful, good, strong people.  Why this can continue while there is still so much evil and selfishness in this world.  It just doesn’t add up and makes me feel that life, this world, is just not fair.

I know the easy answer is to be grateful.  I see how lucky I am.  I am extremely grateful for all of my blessings.  But my gratitude doesn’t alleviate other parents’ grief.

I really don’t have any more to say about the death of children.  I have said it all too many times before.  So instead, I’m sharing old posts on these subjects in the hopes that maybe someone will find some comfort in them.

To Beth, Sharon, and Stef, the mothers of heaven’s angels, I’ll never stop praying for each of you.

Discussing the Death of a Child with Children

This post was for Sharon’s angel, Alex, who left us too soon after a tragic accident.  It addresses how to discuss the topic of death with children.

Counting Blessings

This post was for Beth’s angel who never got a chance at life.  They lost their daughter the day before her c-section.

Finding Comfort in a Fortune Cookie

Written after the senseless Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings, this post addresses how to “Offer assistance, not advice, in time of crisis.”

My Selfish Prayers

This last post was written for Stef and Steve’s angel, Brooke, shortly after her diagnosis.  As of yesterday, she lost her battle with DIPG, but she will never cease being a beacon of hope for all who knew her and heard her story.  We should all be so brave and hopeful, as Brooke taught us to be.


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