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5 Types of Friends Every Mom Needs

October 2, 2013

five-womenI just read this rather generic, I’d-hoped-it-would-be-better, post about 5 types of friends every man needs.

Perhaps every man really does need a Mentor, Wingman, Handyman, Fitness Buff, and Work Pal (no, I didn’t come up with these categories), but I think those five may speak more to a certain age group of men than to most men in the whole, ageless gender sense of the word.  To be honest, I think most men, especially married men, would be more than satisfied with Cook, Cleaner, Stripper, Ego Booster, and Sports Fan (preferably all in the same woman).  But that’s a post for a different blog.

Similarly, I don’t guarantee that the following list will resonate with every single mom (much less woman) on the face of the earth.  However, I do think that, at the child-rearing time of life, every woman does really need at least one of each of the following kick-ass women in her life.  More power to her if she can find multiples of all of them.

1.  The Village Mom

Photo by Rants From Mommyland. Check them out.  They're awesome Village Moms.

Photo by Rants From Mommyland. Check them out. They’re awesome Village Moms.

The one who you can call at the last minute when your kid has strept (I’ve learned from my nurse friend that that IS the correct way to abbreviate streptococcal), or you are ten minutes away from pickup, who will grab your kids and get them home safely or wherever they need to be.

This mom is more than just a person in the right place at the right time.  She is a life-saver friend, whom you can entrust in those most dire of moments, who most-importantly, will not judge you or see you as any less capable because you had to ask.  You are in the trenches together with this mom on a daily basis.  Even better if you know you are also on her list of Village Mom go-to’s.

2.  The Worker Bee worker bee mom

This is the mom you tag to co-chair every event or job with you because you know she will not only be great for bouncing off ideas, but she will also hold up her end of the bargain.  Whether it’s PTA events, Scouting, joint birthday parties, church functions, fantasy football tailgates, or sports team fundraisers, you know you want HER on your team, cause you will kick butt together and have a blast doing it!

She usually arrives with coffee for planning sessions and wine to toast completion!  This woman is a DO-er.

3.  The Professionalrosie riveter We Can Do It

Whether Stay-At-Home, Work-From-Home, Work-Part-Time, or Work-Full-Time, we all need a girlfriend who is that Type A, consummate professional to whom we can turn for a reality check.  Personally, I volunteer most of the time, and work for pay from home part time.  I don’t know in which category that places me.  But I do know that I have a handful of moms with whom I can chat for a very real reminder of what is truly important or what I should reduce on the stress scale.

Nine cases of strept throat in one season, three overdue articles that might get you to reduced status on your freelancer’s list, and a sense of failure as a professional?  She gets it and will listen and reassure you.  Petty, nagging moms, complaints about homework, and gossip over who had what done at the gym?  So not worthy of your stress nor your attention.  Thanks for the perspective, Professional Mom.

4.  The SocialiteParty mom

We used to hang in our youth, didn’t we?  We partied from 11PM till 5Am and slept till noon the next day.  We knew what was in style and would never be caught dead in yoga pants and a stained hoodie.

Now we call it an awesome night if we were able to catch six hours of interrupted slumber before sunrise and get the kids off to school on time.

Occasionally though, we’ll get dragged out by our Socialite friend to shop for clothes that actually hit the racks in the last five years.  We’ll find something that fits us well enough to inflate our egos enough to put on make-up.  We’ll get dolled-up and go out for a night on the town with the over-30-somethings and feel like we matter as a singular female in the world again.  We do not need to be scoped or hit on, we simply need to feel strong, beautiful and independent.  Our Socialite friend has the power to awaken this dormant being inside.

5.  The LiferOld Friends

You have known this mom longer than you have known your husband or your children.  She knows all of your history, all about your horrid back-story, and all of your sorry excuses, yet she still loves you anyway.

You need this woman to remind you from whence you came.  She may be a sister, a mom, or some other relative.  She may simply be the girl who froze your training bra at a 5th grade sleepover.  Either way, you’ve kept each other in your lives despite all of the pitfalls of growing up, growing older, and having children.  Giving birth changes you.  If you are able to keep at least one Lifer with you along that perilous journey, keep her close.  She is the last remaining rope to the surface of your true self.  Hold fast and never let go.

I am lucky enough to say that I have multiples of each of these women in my life.  I know that I must be in the minority.  If it’s not a minority, then why don’t we shout it from the rooftops more often how much we really adore and appreciate each other?!!!!  At any rate, I hope you all recognize how important you are to me.  I thank you so much for being in my life!

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