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Presidential Resume – Requirements Needed to Run for Office

September 12, 2014

Our country is suffering. Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the deaths of thousands of Americans due to terrorist activity, yet we are no closer to being safe today than we were on September 11, 2001. Two days ago, our President gave a public address about confronting ISIL, one of the many terrorist groups still at large.

white houseAs is my tradition, I refuse to watch televised addresses, preferring instead to wait a few hours and read the actual transcripts online. This affords me the luxury of avoiding seeing a man whom I deem as smug, arrogant, and bad for our country posture to the masses for sake of his approval rating and nothing else. I do not believe he has America’s best interests at heart, but always has selfish motives for every move he makes.

I agree with families like Billy and Karen Vaughn, who addressed their issues with Obama and his lack of leadership in an exceptional public letter over his mishandling and lack of response to many tragic deaths and outed state secrets.  In short, they stated the truth, “Mr. President…you are not up to this job.”  Then they call for his resignation.

While I agree and wish that were a likely result, I also accept that one of the core principles that makes this nation great is the fact that we have this lackluster dud as president because he was legally voted into office by the American people.  Therefore, we must suffer his remaining two years as best as we can.  We will get past this bump in the road and become great again.

How great we can become, though, depends on how much We, The People, have learned from Obama’s presidency.  In order to prevent another inexperienced, inept performer from winning the next election, it is time to recognize and demand the following from those who choose to run for this highest office.

While our legislators on both sides of the aisle refuse to write changes to the laws governing who can run for President, we can still require those prerequisites by using our voting power.  In polls, in the primaries, and certainly in general elections, it is time for us to use the power granted by our Republic.

These are the very basic bullet points that we should require from every individual who wishes to apply for the job of President of the United States of America.  There is no excuse for accepting anything less from the person who will hold the most powerful position in our country than we would for any other job interview.  If you cannot supply these items on or along with your resume, then you need not apply for the job.

Requirements Needed to Run for Office of President of the United States of America

curriculum vitae resume experienceFor the sake of our economy:  Candidate must have held a paid job in which s/he demonstrated the knowledge required to earn money, spend money, and invest wisely in order to promote the overall interests of the company or organization they served for the better.  If you haven’t been successful in business, you will not be good for our nation’s economy.  If you could not hold a paying job, you will not be able to protect our working citizenry.  Experience is required to hold this office.

For the sake of our national defenses:  Candidate must have served in some military capacity in any branch of the US military.  If you lack the courage to serve, you lack the ability to lead.

For the sake of our national security:  Candidate must freely offer proof of identity, including original copies of birth certificate to prove both citizenry and loyalty to our nation above all others.  There is no reason every individual who applies for a job must show these documents, but our President does not.

For the sake of our morale:  Candidate must be a patriot.  No one wants to work for a boss who doesn’t care for his company any more than the people of the United States want to band together for a leader who views the American people with condescension.  A populace who wants to work and wants to serve is always stronger than an apathetic public waiting for the next hand-out.  We need a leader who will inspire a strong work ethic, which will trigger a better economy.

We need experience.  We need patriotism. We need selflessness. We need inspiration.

Those requirements may rule out just about all known politicians in both parties, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I am disenchanted by the two-party system and self-serving individuals who have made a career out of politics.  If our next presidential candidate has the qualities listed above, but comes from a third party, I would vote for him or her in a heartbeat.

Remember, we can sit back and complain about the lack of legislation in who gets to run for President all we like, but to no avail.  Instead, let’s use our votes to make our requirements known.

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