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Last Year’s Resolution Recap – Only 40% Success from 2014

January 1, 2015

40 percentNow that 2014 is behind us, it’s time for me to look back to the resolutions I set for myself last year and see how I did. A whole year and I can only claim about 40% resolution success.


Because one of my new resolutions for this coming year is to be more positive, I’m going to start with my successes.

#4 – Knit Something — I am proud to say that I knocked this one out of the park!  I taught myself how to knit from a book and have made scarves for two of my kids, a hat for the third, a cable-knit scarf for myself and am halfway through another hat.  Not only is this a completed resolution, but I’ve learned that I really enjoy knitting.  Added bonus:  knitting keeps my hands too busy for late-night snacking and too much computer time.

#5 – More Music — Thanks to my husband installing a new wireless home speaker, I now have great music in my kitchen and living room from just the touch of a button on my smart phone.  I am definitely a happier person when I listen to music!

#8 – Teach More, Do Less — The kids are all becoming more self-sufficient.  And I’m learning to lighten up about the small things when I realize that they are learning to do for themselves.  Sure mistakes happen along the way, but independence, not perfection, is our goal.

#11 – Go Skiing — I have my girlfriend to thank for this one.  Last year she read my resolutions blog and we booked a ski day away.  It was phenomenal!  This year, I’m aiming for more often and skiing with my son.

#13 – Eat More Veggies — I’m proud to say that this one has been easy.  Just focusing on serving myself a double serving of veggies and half serving of potatoes, rice, or pasta has made me crave more of the good stuff.

#14 – Keep an Indoor Plant Alive — SUCCESS!!  I bought three plants last January.  Two of the three are still alive.  I love my peace lily, and my gardenia is still kicking.  Although I did manage to kill one of the hardiest plants out there.  Not quite sure how, but I killed my bamboo plant.  Two out of three isn’t so bad!

#17 – Drink Water Every Night — This one was tough to remember at first, but now it’s easy.  The more water you drink, they thirstier you always are.  And I sleep better and wake up more refreshed, too.

#19 – Schedule More Date Nights with my Husband — I’m calling this a success because even a few is better than none.  But we need to do better next year.  Looking forward to trying more new restaurants in our area this year!

Room For Improvement

While I’m pretty proud of the 8 resolutions I kept, I still could do much better.

There are a few that I did on a part-time, when-I-remember basis, but not enough that I could call them full successes.

Follow Through, Limit Computer Time, Get Outside More, Make My Bed Everyday, Keep Receipts, De-Clutter, and Set Up Coffee Maker Every NIght are all being counted as halfway there for this year.  I did each of these enough for me to consider them attempted, but not enough to acknowledge them as successes.  With my new positive outlook, I’m going to say, a little is better than none at all and be happy for what little I did accomplish.


Listing these out is a bit of a wake-up call for me.  These are the things 100% failed to even attempt. No excuses.  Just acknowledging that I failed makes me take a second look.

Take Guitar Lessons, Get a Colonoscopy, Find and Hang Curtains, and Figure Out the iCloud.

Time to list out my goals for 2015 now that I see how I’ve done this past year.  My biggest resolution?  To end the year with a better than 40% success rate.

As Winston Churchill is quoted as saying,

“Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.”


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