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Daily Specials

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  A Warm Cupa soothing blend highlighted with sweet stories and a warm heart.  Best paired with a positive outlook reflecting on parenthood’s many blessings.



Bean Grounded — a darker grind with a bite to it.  Perfect for those occasions where a time-out won’t cut it.  A read through these may spark thoughts of “at least my kid didn’t do THAT.”




Sour Grapes – an adult beverage for a mature palette.  Its dark color and sour aroma reflects its harsh growing season.  These stories may include the not-so-pretty thoughts we have as parents and spouses.  This wine may turn if not vented and aired properly.  However, once it breathes, has a much smoother finish.




 Pour Me Another –  a light beverage suited to social gatherings where more than one can be consumed without risking headache.  Low on any classical scales, but fruity and high on fun.  Even has a pleasant taste when snorted through laughter.

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