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Great Books

What goes better with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine than a great book?

This page started as a place to keep track of titles I can never remember.  I love recommending fantastic books to others, but titles and authors always seem to escape me.  (Not a great admission from a former English teacher!)  I also love getting new titles to add to my list, but if not written down, they’re lost by the time I make it to the library.

I need to figure out the best layout to do this, but I’d love to have a place for readers to recommend new reads.  For now, please use the comments section of the What’s Next page.  I love hearing about great new reads, so please share!


Book Club Titles – Check out the titles my book club girls have chosen for great group discussions.

My Favorite Series – When characters and plots are this good, one book is not enough.  Warning:  These are highly addictive!  I cannot be held responsible for the state of your messy house or neglected children once you get sucked in.

(Up to two pages for this list now.  Check out the new additions of Great Series Titles HERE!)

Great Single Titles – Great reads just for yourself.


What’s Next – I’m always adding to my list since I hate to be without reading material.  I don’t think I’ve fallen asleep without a book since I was twelve.  Every anticipation junkie like me needs a list of great future reads.

(Please add your recommendations in comments!)


I’m writing book reviews for another site, Red Letter Reads.  Once they’re published over there, I’ll share them here, too!

Happy reading, y’all.  And cheers!


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