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My Favorite Addictive Series

My Favorite Series — these books are just too good to stop at one.  Trust me, you’ll be craving more after the first of each series set.  Just don’t blame me when the rest of your world gets neglected.

              Gabaldon writes the most swoon-worthy love story between Jamie Fraser and Clare Beauchamp Randall I have yet to experience.  I say “experience” because that is what reading these novels truly is…an experience.  Much as Clare gets sucked into the 1700’s Scottish Highlands through the stone circles, the reader is transported as well.  These novels are the most original mix of historical fiction, romance, fantasy and suspense.  One category cannot contain The Outlander books.  I dare you to read just one!
            Medieval, epic fantasy fiction at its best.  From the world to the kingdoms to the characters, everything is 100% original.   I started this series in the summer, but they really grew on me as the winter approached, both in the timeline of the books and in reality.  You’ll find yourself dreaming about these characters, the plots, and the intrigue.   These stories will truly get inside your head and heart and stick with you.
             Set in futuristic Panem (what is left of what was once the United States), we meet teenagers who have the misfortune of having their names drawn in the annual lottery to compete to the death in The Hunger Games for the entertainment of the Capitol.  Coming of age mixed with gladiator violence creates a unique reading experience.
              I am not ashamed to admit that I devoured this entire series in only a few weeks and wish there were more.  Another series intended for young adults, but still enjoyable for adults.  In fact, I personally think there should be a PG-13 rating at least for this series.  I never liked vampire stories until I met these characters.  A regular teenage girl, a dashing, mysterious vampire, and a hot werewolf make the best love triangle I’ve read in a long time.  Don’t trust the movies.  They did the characters no justice.  You must read these books for yourself to experience the real Twilight.
             Really?  You still haven’t read these?  Scoff all you like at the notion of adults reading Juvenile Fiction.  Rowling’s world is truly magical.  Sure it is about young wizards and witches coming of age, but there is so much more.  Besides the obvious struggle of good versus evil, these stories weave power-hungry politicians, controlling teachers, underdog misfits, and true heroes into tales even adults can appreciate.  The first three books are truly juvenile fiction meant for young readers.  As the characters get older, however, the books get darker.  It is the last half of the series that is truly the draw for adults.  If you still can’t justify reading them for yourself, you really should read them as a parent since I can guarantee your kids will devour them.
              Getting through the first book of the trilogy is tougher than the two that follow.  But once you get to know “the girl,” you’ll find yourself rooting for her in ways you never imagined.  She has been beaten up, but not beaten down.  Intrigue, suspense, action, and great characters make this series a quick read, but an enjoyable one.
             16-book series of fictional characters in the present day world, but following the chronology of the End Times as found in the Bible.  While classified under the subject of Christian literature, these books offer action, suspense, and well-rounded characters that are highly addictive.  You can read these for the spiritual journey or just for the adventure.
             Yup, you read that right…  Biemiller (my maiden name).  This juvenile fiction series was written by my Granddad about a team of marine wardens who live beneath the sea, can communicate with dolphins and preserve human beings in a state of suspended animation for centuries.  I think his imagination must have been fueled by living in Monmouth Beach, on the Jersey Shore.  Read these for yourself and share them with your kids.   Then check out the rest of his titles on

             Don’t listen to the naysayers.  These are worth the read.  They will not win any literary awards, but they are the most fun source of entertainment reading I’ve enjoyed in a while.  Your house will be a mess and your children will be neglected, but your husbands will be happy.  Enjoy the escapism.
Just added a few more series to the list!
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  1. September 17, 2011 9:47 AM

    I’ll have to check out “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Thanks for the tips and the plug.

    Lv, Dad

    • September 17, 2011 2:02 PM

      “A Game of Thrones” is the first in the series, Dad. I think you’ll like it and get sucked in as much as I did.

  2. Michelle Gibb permalink
    April 19, 2012 8:40 PM

    I also love the Outlander Series. I was given the first one as a gift and could not put it down. I always love to discover a new series:)

    • April 19, 2012 10:54 PM

      Me too, Michelle! If you haven’t yet picked up the Game of Thrones series (Song of Ice and Fire) by George R. R. Martin, you definitely should!! I haven’t met anyone who loved the Outlander books who didn’t also enjoy the Song of Ice and Fire.


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